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Botanical Workshop:  Illustrating Summer's Bounty in Colored Pencil – Fruits


It is the season for colorful fruits and berries, and they are wonderful and fun subjects to render. Using Colored Pencil, portray these summer beauties realistically on paper. A good exercise in light on form, while learning to capture their vibrant color and texture.

Students can bring their own specimen or choose from a variety of subjects offered by the instructor.

 Classes & Workshops Summer 2023


The Art Guild


Long Island, New York

Botanical Workshop: Illustrating Summer's Bounty in Colored Pencil – Flowers


Using Colored Pencil, realistically capture the beauty of summer flowers. Learn to mix and match the rich colors true to nature, and all about a flower's anatomy. As each flower comes with its own challenge; the goal is to create a small botanical illustration of a single flower.

Instructor will provide a variety of suitable flowers to choose from, or students can bring their own specimen.I