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 Workshops Autumn 2023

The Art Guild  

Manhasset, Long Island, New York / 516.304.5797

Rose hips in Colored Pencil

Fruits of rose plants typically ripen in late summer or autumn and will be the subject in this workshop. These marvelous little "seedpods" are perfect to study form and color. We will discuss and look at different species, determine how best to portray them on paper and focus on colored pencil techniques. Please bring a specimen you want to draw and paint to class.

Gourds in Colored Pencil

It is the season for gourds, and they are wonderful subjects to render. Using colored pencil or graphite, or both, portray these fall beauties realistically on paper. It is a good exercise in light on form, while learning to capture their waxy nature or warty texture.

Please bring a specimen to class. 

Winter Berries in Colored Pencil

Our native trees, shrubs, and vines that keep their berries in winter provide food for wildlife and winter interest in the garden. We will have a closer look at the species common in the North East. Instructor will provide a variety of specimens to choose from, or bring your own. The goal is to create a small botanical illustration that can be used for printing Holiday greeting cards or gift tags.